Impossible Star Blackwork Bundel by BaaMeow


  • Zweigart 28-count white Cashel linen precut to 9 in/22.9 cm square
  • 1 Bohin size 24 tapestry needle
  • 1 FSC-certified polished beechwood hoop for stitching and display, 6 in/15.2 cm diameter
  • DMC cotton floss 310 (black)
  • Digital PDF file containing pattern charts and instructions


A thoroughly modern take on blackwork embroidery, the hexagram (a shape made of two equilateral triangles) is a symbol of spiritual power and protection used in many religious and mystical traditions. BaaMeow has given this one a new spin, inspired by the Penrose Triangle. This pattern contains some interesting subversions of counted stitchwork and provides a fun challenge for the confident stitcher –  as well as creating a uniquely beautiful piece of blackwork illusion.

This pattern is also available in a color version which is exclusive to Maydel!

Difficulty: Moderate – Advanced

Type: Blackwork

Size: 48×50 stitches (approx. 3.5 inches square on 28 count evenweave)

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