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Kaku-Asanoha (squared hemp leaf) sashiko Bundel by Sashiko.Lab


  • 1 piece of dark blue cotton sashiko fabric, 36 x 19 cm/14.2 x 7.5 in, enough to make 4 double-sided coasters, or 1 double-sided handkerchief/trivet
  • 1 white compressed chalk pencil
  • 1 package of 2 sashiko needles in short and long sizes
  • 1 skein of white cotton sashiko thread, 20 m/22 yd
  • PDF patterns and video course


What is the KAKU-ASANOHA pattern? The Asanoha pattern resembles a hemp leaf. Since ancient times, the Asanoha design has been used in holy rituals in Japan. Also, it is a familiar design that is used for baby clothing as hemp plants are strong and grow well. It conveys a meaning of strength and beauty. Kaku-asanoha is a different version of the Asanoha pattern. ”Kaku” means square in Japanese, and Kaku-asanoha pattern is based on squares while Asanoha is based on triangles.

The downloadable file contains 10 pages and 4 video links. Please NOTE this is a VIDEO COURSE plus PDF PATTERNS and not an online workshop.

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