About Maydel

Maydel is a new needlework shop that makes crafting more inclusive by eliminating hurdles to finding supplies and completing projects. In addition to offering supplies that meet a wide variety of accessibility needs for crafters with metal allergies, light sensitivities, vision and fine motor impairments, and more, Maydel’s by-the-piece pricing and customizable project bundles ensure that crafters get exactly what they want at the lowest possible cost from a fully vetted list of sustainable, ethical manufacturers.

Read more about our commitment to inclusion & accessibility.

Read more about our commitment to sustainability.

About the Founder

Maydel was founded by Lauren Venell, a 20-year veteran crafter, teacher, and designer. After recovering from a too-long stint in Silicon Valley she is thrilled to be back within her chosen community and to be building something meaningful within the great city of Chicago.

Headshot of Maydel founder Lauren Venell
Photo by Sarah Deragon of Portraits to the People.