Create your own bundle

Allow anyone to purchase all of the supplies they need for your project with one click. You get a percentage of every sale.

Perfect for:

  • Pattern designers who want to offer kits without stocking inventory
  • Teachers with class supply lists
  • Content creators looking for an alternative and/or supplement to ads
  • Craft authors (including self-published) who want to further monetize their books
  • Makers who want to send their loved ones a wish list.

How it works:

  1. Create a Maydel affiliate account (so we can pay you).
  2. Fill a shopping cart with the supplies for your project.
  3. Paste your affiliate code into the Bundle Creator and click the button to copy your bundle link.
  4. Share the link far and wide, which goes to an editable shopping cart pre-filled with the items you selected.
  5. Earn 5% cash or 10% store credit for every purchase made via your link—even items not in your bundle.

Frequently asked questions:

Do I have to have an affiliate account to make bundles?

No, but an affiliate account is the only way we can track purchases of your bundles and share revenue with you. If you’re not interested in revenue sharing and just want a place to send folks who ask you which materials to use, you can create bundles without an affiliate code.

Can I add a pattern to my bundle?

All patterns added to need to be vetted for usability and copyright, and artists will need to sign an agreement that shields Maydel from liability due to copyright infringement or harmful content. If you would like to submit a pattern for consideration, please contact us.

What is the revenue share?

You will receive 5% cash or 10% store credit of all net revenue earned via your link. Net revenue refers to the total purchase amount minus shipping charges, tax, and coupons or discounts.

When will I receive my revenue share payment?

Payments are made at the end of each calendar quarter. If you have earned at least $10 during the previous quarter, you will be paid on the 15th day of the following month. For example, first quarter payments for the period January 1–March 31st are paid on April 15th to allow for any returns or adjustments.

How are payments sent?

Payments are made via Paypal to the payment email address you entered when you created your affiliate account.