18th Century Embroidered Pocket by SFSNAD (cotton threads)

Looking for a version of this bundle using silk threads? Find it here.

Bundle includes

  • White Zweigart Belfast linen with hand printed floral embroidery design (20 x 26 in./ 50.8 x 66 cm.)
  • 13 skeins of Anchor cotton embroidery floss in 12 colors: 6, 29, 75, 185, 254, 267 (2), 326, 410, 852, 873, 941, 1012
  • 3 crewel needles, size 9
  • 2 pieces of Kona white premium cotton muslin: 20 x 26 in./ 50.8 x 66 cm., 14 x 14 in./35.6 cm
  • Premium polished beechwood embroidery hoop (10 in./25.4 cm)
  • 12-page full color instruction packet (digital download, or printed + digital download)

*Note: Does not come with ribbon or twill tape for creating waist ties since you will need to make these to measure.

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All of the supplies you need to create the 18th Century Embroidered Pocket project by Lauren Yeager of the San Francisco School of Needlework & Design. Includes full instructions for starting, stitching, and finishing the pocket, including individual stitch diagrams.

Pattern is only available pre-printed on white linen fabric. Because it’s so large, there is no traceable pattern included in the instructions. To request the pattern printed onto an alternate fabric, please contact us.

The finished pocket measures approximately 11 x 13 in./28 x 34cm at its widest points and can be entirely hand-sewn.