Adger water erasable marking pen


Water-erasable blue pen for marking fabrics

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Finally! A water-soluble marking pen without a Prop 65 warning. I have have been searching high and low and this is the ONLY water-erasable pen I’ve found whose ink doesn’t contain chemicals known to cause cancer (according to the state of California).

This pen is made by Adger Kogyo, a Japanese company with a long history of quality and ingenuity in creating marking tools. They hold the patent for this ink, and are widely respected by fashion and sewing professionals in Japan and elsewhere. Online marketplaces are awash with counterfeit Adger pens, but these are the genuine article. They are very hard to find in North America.

This two-sided blue marking pen glides smoothly over almost all fabric surfaces, including fleece and felt, leaving a bright, clear line that is finer than most marking pens. It is easily erased by dabbing with a damp cloth.

More about this pen:

Brand: Adger

Made in: Japan

Packaging: Separate plastic and cardboard halves before recycling. Both components are curbside recyclable.

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Pen and refill set, Set of 2 refills

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