Audrey Hepburn & James Coburn from Charade (1963) digital pattern PDF by Tom Katsumi


15-page digital PDF pattern with color separations

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One of a 4-part series inspired by classic cinema and the motif of light and shadow in the darkness – whether it be from moonlight, a spotlight or the glow of the projector in a dark cinema.
This piece is done in “grid-stitch,” a new method and alternative to cross stitch that uses backstitch and negative space to give a smoother, more detailed image across a smaller area. The color-separated pattern comes in two versions—one with a white background for printing, and one with a black background for screen viewing—and adds one color per page to clearly show which stitches to work against the ones that are already done.
Size: 100 x 80 stitches, approx. 5 x 4 inches on 18ct aida