Colour Confident Stitching by Karen Barbé


Learn how to create gorgeous color palettes from your everyday surroundings to use in needlework projects.

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In Colour Confident Stitching: How to Create Beautiful Colour Palettes, color and fiber expert Karen Barbé takes you step by step through the world of color, from inspiration to final product. You’ll learn how to find and capture color inspiration to create your own color charts, as well as how to select, combine, and arrange colors to create palettes evoking the mood or place you want to convey.

This book is perfect for artists who want to level up the way they use color in their work, as well as for crafters who want to learn how to customize designs with their own color palettes.

The book also includes five DIY projects to practice using your new color skills, plus instructions for creating your own set of color cards (floss bundle here).

128 drool-worthy, full-color pages, printed by Pimpernel Press.