Daruma nickel-free sashiko needles (4-pack)


Nickel-free sashiko needles in 4 assorted sizes

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These assorted sashiko needles contain no nickel and are easy on sensitive skin. They are the only hypoallergenic sashiko needles I have found so far.

This package contains needles in four different sizes, to make stitching any pattern comfortable:

  • Short, with small eye: 3.33 cm/ 1.3 in, for stitching detailed designs using thin sashiko thread
  • Medium, with large eye: 4.13 cm/ 1.6 in, for stitching most designs using medium-weight sashiko thread
  • Medium, with thick shaft: 4.45 cm/ 1.75 in, for stitching designs using thick sashiko thread
  • Long, with medium eye: 5.15 cm/2 in, for stitching designs with straighter lines using thin to medium-weight sashiko thread

Includes an aluminum needle threader. Packages of long sashiko needles also available.

More about these needles:

  • Made in Japan
  • Brand: Daruma
  • Made from aluminum-plated steel with gold-plated eye
  • Packaging*: curbside recyclable cardboard and paper strip

*They are sent from the manufacturer in plastic sleeves, but we remove and recycle these prior to sending them to customers. Daruma is currently in the process of removing the plastic for their packaging.