Edward Burne-Jones Inspiration

Delivered at least two weeks prior to class start.

Don’t need everything listed here? Set the item’s quantity to 0 before adding the bundle to the cart. Pattern and instructions are required items.

Supply bundle includes

  • Olive habotai silk with pre-printed embroidery design (14 x 14 in./ 35.6 cm)
  • Dark green dupioni silk (12 x 12 in./ 30 cm)
  • Gold dupioni silk (6 x 6 in./ 15 cm)
  • White premium muslin (14 x 14 in./ 35.6 cm)
  • 10 spools of Au Ver à Soie’s Soie D’Alger silk embroidery thread: 1424, 1426, 1716, 2246, 3814, 4136, 4513, 4525, 4546, Noir
  • 1 skein of Japanese imitation gold embroidery thread size 1
  • 5 yds of Japanese imitation gold embroidery thread size 7
  • 5 yds of Japanese rainbow gold embroidery thread size 4
  • 2 spools of Japanese flat silk thread in 345 (Butterscotch) and 569 (Dark Turquoise)
  • 5 yds each of 3 Japanese flat silk colors: 408 (Forest Green), 412 (Leaf Green), 474 (Yellow Green)
  • 3 crewel needles, size 7
  • 3 crewel needles, size 10
  • 2 chenille needles, size 18
  • 50 4mm gilt spangles
  • Golden Threads quilters paper (12 x 12 in./30cm)
  • 1 spool of Gutermann natural cotton thread in gold (110 yd)
  • Takaburi-style laying tool
  • Premium polished beechwood embroidery hoop (10 in./25.4cm)
  • 21-page full color instruction packet


This design, inspired by the works of the famed 19th century artist and designer Edward Burne-Jones and the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, will set the mood of the romantic era in stitch. In this embroidery, we will explore the use of appliqué on a silk background, how to transfer the design onto an appliqued area with a stitched thread tracing, and outlining and edging in flat silk. This piece will continue to challenge the skills of the embroiderer with the combined use of couched threads and spangles. The background elements feature stitch-able metal threads in relief, flat silk laying as a filling stitch, as well as split stitch shading for figures.