Fancy tambour handle for Luneville embroidery


Handle only. Needles sold separately.

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A Bob Haven x Maydel partnership, these incredibly versatile tambour handles for Luneville-style chain stitch embroidery are drilled extra deep to accommodate any needle length. Insert the needle all the way to work close to the fabric, or extend the needle to hold a line of beads and sequins. Can hold all needle sizes from 70 to 140. Size #90 is the standard, all-purpose needle size that works for most tambour embroidery work.

Make from painted and/or polished wood with brass fitting and screw. Turned on a lathe, drilled, sanded, and sealed by hand by artisan woodworkers in Pakistan using native white oak. Comes in matte black or polished dark brown.

Measures 5.7 in/14.6 cm long and 0.5 in./1.2cm diameter

Trade discounts:

We offer discounts of 15% on orders of sequins and/or tambour handles/needles over $150 to members of the trade. If you’re a teacher, designer, or professional craftsperson and would like to set up a trade account, please get in touch.

More about these handles:

  • Brand: Bob Haven x Maydel
  • Made in: Pakistan
  • Made from: White oak
  • Packaging: None
  • End of Life: These handles can’t be effectively recycled or composted. Please consider repairing and/or donating them if you no longer want to use them.
  • Allergy notice: Screw and cap are made from brass. Use with gloves/fingertip covers if you’re sensitive to copper or zinc.

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Matte black, Polished brown

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