General’s iron-on heat transfer pencil in magenta


Red heat-activated pencil for permanent design transfers

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General’s® iron-on transfer pencils are our favorite method for creating permanent pattern transfers on light colored fabrics. Firmly trace your design in reverse with the pencil, then place it face down onto your fabric and press with a dry iron set to medium-hot for 10-20 seconds. One tracing is good for multiple transfers.

Tips for use:

  • The longer you press with the iron the more pigment will transfer, meaning each transfer will be darker, but you won’t be able to transfer the same design as many times.
  • If opting for a longer press, place a piece of scrap fabric between your iron and your paper to avoid scorching.
  • If transferring to a very thin fabric, place a piece of scrap fabric between your fabric and your ironing board to avoid staining your ironing board cover.
  • Press firmly while tracing for the most visible transfer.
  • Make sure not to smudge the pencil while tracing, as smudges will permanently transfer, too.
  • Pin or clip your paper and fabric down while pressing so the design doesn’t move while transferring. Try to move the iron as little as possible while pressing.

More about these pencils:

  • Brand: General’s
  • Made in Jersey City, NJ (U.S.A.)
  • Made from sustained-yield incense cedar (managed, renewable resource)
  • Sold without packaging