Kabuku white cotton sarashi fabrics

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100% cotton white sarashi fabric sold by length per inch (13 in. wide)

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Sarashi is a soft, gauzy cotton fabric with a wide range of uses. In Japan, sarashi is used to make everything from undergarments to dish towels, and is an ideal base fabric for sashiko embroidery.

This sarashi comes in three weaves. The tighter the weave, the denser and smoother the fabric. Use looser weave sarashi for linens like dish cloths, coasters, or placemats, and tighter weave sarashi for personal accessories like scarves or handkerchiefs. All sarashi comes with occasional natural slubs.

  • Mashiro: standard weave, with about 33 threads per in/13 threads per cm
  • Matsuri: tighter weave, with about 46 threads per in/18 threads per cm
  • Tamawata: tightest weave, with about 64 threads per in/25 threads per cm

Made in Japan by Kabuku. Available in white by the inch, in 13 in. width.

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Mashiro 33 ct, Matsuri 46 ct, Tamawata 64 ct

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