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Kakinohana (persimmon flower) sashiko Bundel by Sashiko.Lab, green on white


  • 1 sheet of white cotton sashiko fabric, pre-printed with a dot grid, 34 cm/13.4 in square
  • 1 dark grey compressed chalk pencil
  • 1 package of 2 sashiko needles in short and long sizes
  • 4 skeins of green cotton sashiko thread, 20 m/22 yd
  • PDF patterns and video course


What is the KAKINOHANA pattern? In Japanese, “kaki” means persimmon, and “hana” means flower. “Kakinohana” is one of the hitomezashi patterns which resembles a persimmon flower. The Kakinohana pattern consists of horizontal and vertical lines only. And yet, it makes a simple and beautiful pattern which is loved since ancient times.

With these materials, you can make one large hana fukin (“flower” kitchen cloth) or several smaller items such as coasters or soft boxes.

The downloadable file contains 9 pages and 4 video links. Please NOTE this is a VIDEO COURSE plus PDF PATTERNS and not an online workshop.

Also available in white on navy.

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