Double-ended ballpoint tracing stylus


The perfect tracing tool to use with transfer/carbon paper

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This double-ended ballpoint stylus has a comfortable wooden grip and two sizes for tracing thicker or thinner embroidery pattern lines with transfer paper. Great for transferring embroidery designs onto dark or opaque fabrics, without having to worry about puncturing the paper or making accidental marks.

Handle measures 4 in/ 10 cm long and 0.375 in/1 cm in diameter. Styluses measure 0.75 in / 2 cm long. Ball tips are 0.0625 in/ 0.15 cm and 0.04 in/0.1 cm in diameter.

More about this stylus:

  • Brand: Kemper Tools
  • Made from: Sustainably grown and/or scrap offcuts of American birch or maple, with walnut stain.
  • Made in: U.S.A. (Chino, CA)
  • Packaging: none