Millary wire (per foot)


Gilt/gold-plated and silver-plated millary wire. Sold by the foot.

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Millary wire (also sometimes called millery, miliary, or lace wire) is a stiff, two-part wire with a very unique texture. The central base thread is a metal-wrapped silk, similar to a #4 passing thread, which has a second, fine metal thread loosely coiled around it and crimped on one side.

With one side appearing solid and the other appearing wavy or like tiny triangles, Millary wire adds a lot of depth and visual interest to goldwork pieces. Due to its handmade nature, the tightness/number of coils can vary greatly between threads, from 6 to 12 coils per cm.

Gilt/gold-plated and silver-plated available. Sold by the foot. Approximately 1.5mm in total diameter. Made only in one size.

Made in England by Benton & Johnson.

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Gold-plated (gilt), Silver-plated