Skellybones! Glow-in-the-dark cross-stitch by BaaMeow

Make two dancing, jointed skeleton decorations! Choose light lavender or glow in the dark.


This fun and easy spooky pattern makes a great mini Halloween project. Recyclable plastic canvas allows you to cut out pieces of stitching and assemble them into this cute skeleton decoration. You will get two figures from one sheet, maybe more if you juggle around the placement of limbs. 😂

The assembled skeleton is approximately 6 inches tall.

It’s so simple, you’ll have it on display in a flash and immediately want to stitch another! Maybe a little zombie buddy?

The pattern is recommended for all stitchers. The pattern is really straightforward and includes diagrams to help you cut out the shapes and stitch them together- as easily as sewing on a button.

If you require a hard copy of the pattern or a Large Print /XL version please get in touch.