Soie Perlée 72 silk embroidery thread


Twisted spun silk embroidery thread from France

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Soie Perlée by Au Ver à Soie ® is a twisted 3 ply filament silk. Unlike perle cotton, Soie Perlée expands to fill the area when using a light tension. The sheen of Soie Perlée is also of a more permanent nature.

Soie Perlée is great for cross stitch on linen, creating light play in hardanger or pulled thread work, or for making elegant cording and tassels. It’s particularly nice to use in contrast with Soie d’Alger in the same design—one thread having a high sheen, the other a soft luster.

Available in 16m/ 17.5 yd spools in 13 initial colors, with more to come.

The top and bottom of the spools lift up for ease in securing the thread.

More about this thread:

  • Brand: Au Ver à Soie
  • Made in: Bracieux, France
  • Made from 100% pure silk
  • Packaging: plastic spool is curbside recyclable

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0114-Azuline, 0161-Indigo, 0212-Emeraude, 0244-Vert Pre, 0516-Vert Feuille, 0611-Feu, 1022-Rose Fin, 1034-Rose des Alpes, 2141-Vert Raisin, 2614-Tourterelle, 2616-Tourterelle, 3316-Lilas, Noir