Tatewaku (Rising Steam) pattern PDF by Sashiko.Lab


PDF pattern for Tatewaku (Rising Steam) sashiko embroidery stitch, plus 6 variations

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Tatewaku is one of the traditional Moyozashi Sashiko patterns. It means “the rising steam “ in Japanese, and you can find this pattern in many scenes as a traditional Japanese design.

This PDF file includes 9 pages in A4/Letter size:

  • The cover
  • One Basic Tatewaku pattern.
  • Six different versions of Tatewaku patterns.
  • Grid paper to draw the pattern by yourself.

Each pattern has circles printed together. You can use those circles to make a circle ruler which is helpful when you draw the pattern by yourself. This pattern does NOT include written instructions. Please refer to the following videos for help:

This pattern will be available for instant download when your purchase is confirmed. Once you have downloaded this file, you can print the pattern on A4/Letter size paper with your printer at home.