Tombow Mono Aqua clear dual-tip glue pen


Acid-free paper glue pen with both fine- and broad-tip applicators

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Tombow Adhesive Mono Aqua Liquid Glue creates a clear, permanent bond that works on paper, photos, cardstock, and cardboard. Fast-drying non-foaming glue with strong bond that ensures projects will hold up over time.

The dispenser features two applicators: one end is a pen tip for narrow lines and the other is broad tip for gluing large areas. Applicators won’t leak or clog, glue dries clear.

The perfect glue for photos and paper crafts, such as securing stitches for paper embroidery. Can also be used as acid-free sizing on fabric to secure the back of embroidery such as tambour work.

This glue is acid-free, washable, and photo safe.

More about this glue:

  • Size: 1.69 fl oz/ 50 ml
  • Brand: Tombow Japan
  • Made in: Vietnam
  • Packaging: curbside recyclable plastic pen