White heat erasable marking pen w/refill


Heat-erasable white pen for marking dark fabrics

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This white marking pen glides smoothly over almost all fabric surfaces, including fleece and felt, leaving a bright, clear line. It will rub off a bit over time but can be completely erased by applying heat via an iron or clothes dryer.

Perfect for marking sashiko patterns on dark fabrics.

This pen comes with one ink refill, with further refills available.

More about this pen:

Brand: Kawaguchi

Made in: Japan

Packaging: Paper, pens, and refills are curbside recyclable. *Note: This product comes in a polypropylene sleeve that we remove for recycling prior to shipping. Polypropylene cannot be easily recycled in the U.S. so we collect PP wrappers and send them for recycling in bulk. 

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Pen and refill set, Set of 2 refills

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