Yuka Hoshino (Mayuka Fiber Art)

embroidery artist yuka hoshino of mayuka fiber art holding a small hoop in front of her eye showing an embroidery of a japanese landscape with pagoda, cherry blossoms, and red lanterns

Yuka Hoshino is a self-taught embroidery artist based in Sonoma County, California.  Her embroidery practice has evolved from an early childhood fascination with cross-stitching. After decades exploring various stitching techniques and materials, she began experimenting with embroidery on paper out of a desire to maintain the high-precision of blackwork embroidery without the aid of evenweave fabrics.

As an avid gardener and former archaeobotanist, Yuka’s designs are heavily influenced by explorations of place identity and botanical motifs.  Her past experience as an academic scientist imbues her style with a rigorous attention to detail, precise drafting techniques, and the ever-present challenge of navigating the shifting space between ‘perfect’ and ‘good enough’.

You can find more of her work on her website or on Instagram.

Projects by Yuka: