Bundle Creator

IMPORTANT: Please make sure you’ve read the information on this page before creating a bundle.

Step 1

Shop the site and fill your cart with the items needed for your project. Don’t check out!

**A note about fabrics: fabric-by-the-inch cannot be included in bundles yet (we’re working on it!). Please visit this page to find pre-cut fabric sizes to include in your bundles. You can request any sizes/fabrics you don’t see there.

Step 2

Here is a preview of everything in your bundle. Please check to make sure all items and quantities are correct. (Nothing shown below? Hit refresh!)

Step 3

Paste (don’t type) your affiliate link in the box below.

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Step 4

Click the button to copy your bundle link and share it far and wide!

Step 5

Want to make another bundle? Empty your cart and start again.