Limited edition! Needlework treasure box


Handmade wooden boxes for displaying needlework and storing keepsakes.

**Please read below for how to order.**

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Designed in partnership with Two Cicadas Woodworking, this instant heirloom is made from reclaimed hardwoods or color-it-yourself birch and maple. Polished incredibly smooth (they feel like literal satin), the boxes feature high-quality hardware and beautiful joinery.

Each box measures 8.5 x 5.5 x 4.5 in./22 x 14 x 11.5cm and has a lid with a 7 x 4 in./18 x 10cm opening to display your favorite piece of needlework (or any other artwork). The boxes come with a pre-cut piece of chipboard to wrap your fabric around, and a wooden backing board with turn buttons to hold everything in place. There is no glass included, but the lid is deep enough to accommodate a piece if you so choose.

Inside are compartments in three different sizes. The largest compartment easily fits long tools like pencils and scissors, and the smallest helps organize tiny items like pins and bobbins. The boxes are also deep enough to fit your work-in-progress on top so you can keep everything together.

How to order:

Please view the image showing all twelve available boxes and select the letter of the box you’d like to purchase. Each hardwood box is one-of-a-kind and comes with steel hinges. Once a box is sold, it’s gone forever.

We also have a limited number of ready-to-paint (or stain) birch/maple plywood boxes. They have a smooth-as-silk finish and are perfectly prepped for those who want to color their own box to for maximum personalization.

Need a project suggestion?

The following projects fit beautifully in the frame lid:

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A – Maple, B – Maple, C – Cherry/Maple, D – Walnut/Maple, E – Cherry/Maple, F – Cherry/Maple, G – Cherry/Maple, H – Cherry/Maple, I – Cherry/Maple, J – Cherry/Maple, K – Cherry/Maple, L – Cherry/Maple, Paintable Birch/Maple

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